Truong X. Nghiem

Research Software


openBuildNet is a co-simulation platform that provides a framework for large-scale distributed control and simulation of complex multi-agent system. I have been developing openBuildNet as part of the BuildNet project at EPFL. For more details, please visit its website.


MLS2Sim is a Matlab toolbox for interfacing with S2Sim and OpenDSS for large-scale, distributed co-simulation of loads on the grid and the smart grid. The toolbox is being used to develop a large-scale, inter-institution simulation framework of smart grid control (part of the TerraSwarm research center).


MLE+ is a Matlab/Simulink toolbox for building energy simulation (with EnergyPlus), analysis, optimization and control. It is featured on the main website of EnergyPlus as a third-party tool. Details can be found here.

Automatic extraction of linear hybrid models from Simulink models

During my internship at NEC Laboratories, I developed a Matlab/Simulink toolbox which can automatically extract a linear hybrid dynamical system from a Simulink model. The Simulink model may contain linear blocks (e.g. gain, transfer function, linear state-space model), logic blocks (e.g. comparator), look-up tables, and Stateflow charts. The toolbox automatically instruments the Simulink model to extract all linear transformations and discrete switchings occurring along one run of the model. The result is a collection of linear equations (state updates) and switching conditions, which can be used for further analysis of the model such as robustness analysis and testing. The toolbox is covered by an NDA with NEC Laboratories and therefore cannot be published by me.

IEC 61131-3 SFC Software for Sequential Process Control

This is my undergraduate thesis software. You can read more about it here.

Miscellaneous Software

PubList: JabRef's export to HTML List of Publications

This software is a custom export add-on for JabRef to generate a list of publications in HTML code. To learn more about PubList and to download it, please visit its webpage.

Jemdoc export filter for JabRef

This software has retired. Please use PubList instead.

This is a custom export filter for JabRef which can be used to export references from JabRef to Jemdoc so that they can be included in your website. Feel free to modify it to suit your need, however it would be great if you share your work. Download.